Lonely God
Such a lonely little boy. Lonely then and lonelier now.
A wanderer. The man without a home. The lonely God.


Sometimes he thinks he sees her. For a fleeting moment she will appear on the other side of the street; just as beautiful as he remembers her. His precious Rose…
But before he could reach her, before he could even whisper her name, she dissapears. It happens again and again, on different planets, at different times, untill he admits quietly to himself that he’s gone mad.
It’s easier than that flicker of hope that burns both of his hearts. Because he knows, that in the end of the day, he has no right for happiness. He’s just a madman with a box, always running, always leaving a mess behind. It’s his curse.

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Tell me, Doctor, have you known grief, and rage, and pain?

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most underrated Doctor

His face.

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Love, love, love Nine.

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Eight getting jelly babies out of freaking nowhere.

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Raggedy man, goodnight.

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